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Nursing Home Administrator – License Information

1) Obtain the required education.

Applicants must complete a regular course of study, a program of study, or complete specialized courses which the Nursing Home Administrator Examining Board considers adequate academic preparation for nursing home administration.

A list of approved course can be found on the Application for Examination (Form #1573).

2) Submit the exam application, fee, and all supporting documents.

Application for Examination (Form #1573)

3) Pass the required examinations.  See Exam Information for additional information.

4) Obtain the experience as required. Complete Verification of Experience (Form #71)

No experience other than that obtained in a supervised clinical practicum is required for an applicant who has completed a regular course of study. Applicants must submit an official transcript from the university verifying graduation from the program and the completion of the required practicum.

5) Submit the Application for Licensure (Form #418).

Application for Licensure by Reciprocity

Submit an application.  A complete application includes the following documentation and fee:

Application for Examination (Form #1573)

Verification of Licensure (Form #419)

Reciprocity Experience Record (Form #2470)

Official transcript verifying you have received a bachelor's degree in any field.

Application Process