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Professional Engineer – Registration Information

To obtain a Professional Engineer registration by Examination:

1) Satisfy ONE of the following education and experience requirements:

Option A: Graduation from an accredited program approved by the Examining Board in an engineering course of not less than four (4) years, together with an additional four (4) years of experience in engineering work of a character satisfactory to the Examining Board and indicating that the applicant is competent to be placed in responsible charge of such work;


Option B: Graduation from an approved technical college approved by the Examining Board in an engineering-related course of study of not less than two (2) years and at least six (6) years of engineering experience.

Foreign Education Evaluation: All education received outside the United States, must be evaluated before submitting it to the Department with your application.  The Professional Engineer Section will accept education evaluations only from NCEES Credentials Evaluations. No other credential evaluation services will be accepted.  No credit will be allowed for education submitted without an educational evaluation.  For more information about NCEES credential evaluations, visit the NCEES web site to find out how to apply on-line, or write to:

Credentials Evaluations Services
P.O. Box 1686
Clemson SC 29633‑1686

Note: If the application data is not submitted online, there will be an additional fee.   Contact NCEES at: (865) 654‑6824.

2) Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and the Principles and Practices of Engineering (PE) Examinations.

Fundamentals of Engineering Examination (FE): To be eligible to take the FE, an applicant must be at least a senior in an accredited B.S. Engineering Program. Information on the examination content is available on the NCEES website.You may take the FE after you meet this requirement without applying to the Engineering Section for authorization.

Principles and Practice Examination (PE):  To be eligible for the Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination, you must satisfy both of the following requirements:

A.  Satisfy ONE of the education and experience requirements outlined in step 1 above. You do not need to apply for authorization from the Engineering Section for authorization to sit for this

B.  Register online with NCEES by visiting their website.  Applicants for re-examination must register on-line with NCEES by the deadline date to be scheduled for an examination.

3) After you have passed both the FE and PE examinations, submit Application for Registration Form #1736. To review application instructions see Form #2449.

The Department will notify you after your license has been issued.

To obtain a registration by Comity (if you hold an unexpired license in another state):

An applicant may apply for registration if he or she holds an unexpired registration in another state in which registration requirements are not lower than those in Wisconsin. The applicant must have passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering, the NCEES Principles and Practice Examination, and currently have an  active license in another US state.

Applicants may apply using NCEES Council Record or by application to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

If applying by NCEES Council Record:

1) Make a request to NCEES asking that they forward your Council Record to the Department.

2) Submit an application. A complete application includes:

If applying by Direct Application:

1) Submit an application. A complete application includes:

Applicants applying for registration under Comity may be eligible for a temporary permit to proceed with a pending project during the time it takes to process the application for registration. An applicant desiring a permit must include a letter specifically requesting the permit which includes a description of the project (location, approximate size, and cost), a copy of their current registration card from the original state of registration and the temporary permit fee. When filling out Application for Professional Engineer Credential Form #1736​​, the credential fee and the temporary permit fee must accompany the request for a temporary permit. The temporary permit is optional and is not a requirement for licensure.

If you hold a current license in another state, please have Verification of Examination or Registration Form #475​ completed by the state Board where you are currently licensed and/or passed either the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, or Principles and Practice Exam. This form is not required if you are applying using an NCEES council record.

To reinstate a registration that has been expired more than five (5) years:

If you wish to renew your license, but more than five (5) years has passed since the renewal date, you must submit:

Please read Instructions for Credential Reinstatement Form #2287​​ before completing any of the forms.

Certificate of Authorization:

A firm, partnership, or corporation requesting a Certificate of Authorization shall submit fees and the completed application to the Department. Please view Certificate of Authority – Architectural, Engineering, or Designer of Engineering Systems for more information and to obtain the application.

Application Process